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All You Need To Know About the Teeth Whitening Kits

Reestablishing the normal tooth color is understandable by basically eliminating surface stains brought about by extraneous factors like tea, espresso, red wine, and tobacco. However, those hoping to enhance the shade of their teeth cosmetically are likely to be recommended teeth whitening treatment.

Whiten your teeth on a daily weekly, or monthly basis. This is dependent on the patient’s specific case and lifestyle habits. Most commonly, whitening kits consist of a tray and a whitening agent that is used to brighten the teeth. Most teeth whitening products usually contain the ingredients, hydrogen peroxide, and carbamide peroxide.

What are the methods of teeth whitening?

  1. In-office teeth whitening by a dentist- Going to your dentist for the best teeth whitening is the most effective option. This is because your dentist has access to teeth whitening solutions to provide you with the shade you desire and long-lasting results. The professional skills to properly handle all the materials safely.

  2. Use of whitening products- There are numerous products available for teeth whitening. For those who are not willing to pay more for in-office teeth whitening, over-the-counter options can be just as effective. Over-the-counter methods also contain some of the same chemicals used by professionals, however, they are typically lower dosages. However, the effectiveness of these products varies from one product to another.

The most common method is at-home whitening strips and gels. Patients can do this from time to time or periodically to touch up the teeth. However, before making use of any whitening product you should always inquire with a dentist. From experiencing unwanted side effects, a professional will provide you with information that can prevent you.

Advantages and disadvantages of teeth whitening

Here are some advantages of teeth whitening kits:

  • It is cheap, affordable, and readily available:

The purchase of an over-the-counter whitening product is not costly. These teeth whitening kits can be purchased at a very low price when compared to the cost of visiting your dentist for teeth whitening. For this reason, people choose this option over professional whitening because they can afford it. Not only that, these products are readily available and can be purchased in most drug stores.

  • Similar to professional teeth whitening:

Over-the-counter products also contain most of the same ingredients used by the best dentist near me. Both professional and take-home whitening kits are made out of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

Disadvantages of teeth whitening

There are some disadvantages of using take-home teeth whitening products

  • The use of strong chemicals:

Chemicals used in take-home teeth whitening products are usually very strong to effectively whiten the teeth. However, they can because of a series of side effects in the mouth that vary from person to person. It is important to understand your teeth and body, before attempting to use any of the products that you see in the store. Moreover, you should always speak with your dentist to learn about the possible effects caused by these products.

  • Incompatibility of trays:

The trays used to prefill the peroxide-based whitening gel are typically one size fits all. Both the shape and size of teeth vary from one person to another, so there is a high chance that the trays won’t fit each user’s unique set of teeth.

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